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Video by Nick Karner


The world's greatest detectives are on the case… and they're looking for your help!

The promo video above is for the upcoming Great Human Race (if you watch closely -- and quickly -- you can spot me playing the unfortunate Professor Plum.) 

The Great Human Race is an annual event here in Durham, organized to allow local non-profit groups to raise some money. This year's Race is Saturday March 27. More about The Great Human Race

Once again, I'm "participating"* to benefit my theater company, Manbites Dog and our Great Human Race partner, Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern. Together we're known as Team PigDog, and we are unstoppable. We raise money by participating* in the race and getting folks to sponsor us. Anybody want to sponsor me?

Last year, thanks to support from friends including several LJers, I raised over $500; and the total raised by ALL participants for Manbites and Little Green Pig was over $10,000. We'd love to beat that this year. Like many arts organizations, Manbites Dog does great work with abysmally low funding, so you can be sure every dollar donated truly goes a long way.

There are two ways you can make a tax-deductible sponsorship donation:

-- Go to my personal Great Human Race donation page, and make a secure online donation with a credit card.
-- Mail a check to me. (if you need my mailing address, email me at tycho_anomaly@livejournal.com). Checks should be made out to "Volunteer Center/Great Human Race". I need to have it (or know it's on the way) NO LATER than Saturday March 20.

Here's information about Manbites Dog at the Great Human Race, including links (at the bottom) to photos from several different years. (You'll have to click around to find a snap of yours truly.)

Thanks for your support!

(* "Participate" = me being there representing. I will NOT be doing the 5k fun walk, and running in the 5k race is right out.)


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